Outstanding result for the 2011 financial year

Allreal’s 2011 results are again better than those reported the previous year. Net profit including revaluation gains amounted to CHF 140.8 million, or 21% above that of 2010. Earnings from business activity and the generally higher valuation of investment real estate contributed toward the very good result.

Net profit excluding revaluation gains amounted to CHF 109.0 million and is characterised by a rise in rental income, the stable and profitable course of business in the Projects & Development division, and the low cost of financing.

Total sales grew significantly to CHF 886.1 million, corresponding to a  22 % rise over the previous year’s value, due on the one hand to numerous ongoing and newly established projects and on the other to a clear growth in rental income from income-producing properties.

At the annual meeting of shareholders, the Board of Directors will propose paying a profit distribution of CHF 5.50 per share, corresponding to a shareholder-friendly cash yield on the year-end share price of a respectable 4.0%.

Thanks especially to stable rental income and a high order backlog in the Projects & Development division, Allreal expects operating results for 2012 to remain very good, probably only slightly below the previous year’s level.

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Allreal photo collection 2011
The photos were all purchased for a collection of contemporary architectural photography – a major long-term cultural commitment of the company. When building up the collection, not only are established artists included, but as far as possible also young photographers and others at an early stage of their creative careers. More...

Allreal photo collection 2011

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