Board of Directors

Peter Spuhler
(*1959, Swiss)
Member since 2013

Since 1989 owner, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Stadler Rail Group

Member of the Board of Directors, Rieter Holding AG, Winterthur; Autoneum Holding AG, Winterthur

Board Member, Aebi Schmidt Holding AG
(Chairman), Frauenfeld; Gleisag Gleis- und Tiefbau AG (Chairman), Goldach; Walo Bertschinger AG, Zurich, and other
unlisted companies

Member of LITRA (Deputy Chairman), Berne, and numerous other institutions

Bruno Bettoni
(*1949, Swiss)
Member since 2014

Chief Executive Officer since 1999

Managing director of Oerlikon-Bührle Immobilien AG

Member of Group Management of Oerlikon-Bührle Immobilien AG

Joined Oerlikon-Bührle Immobilien AG as project manager


With the exception of Bruno Bettoni, all members of the Board of Directors of Allreal Holding AG are non-executive in the company and, with the exception of the disclosed mandates, they especially hold no official roles or political offices. None of the Board members in the past held operating management functions within the Allreal Group, with the exception of Bruno Bettoni. There are two Board of Directors committees (Risk and Audit Committee, and Nomination and Compensation Committee). The Board members are appointed individually for one-year tenure which lasts until the following annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

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