Sound results reported for first half of 2013

Allreal reports net profit excluding revaluation effect of CHF 55.5 million for the first half of 2013, representing a growth of 11.7% compared to the comparable period the previous year. Higher rental income and lower financial expenses contributed toward the good result.

Net profit including revaluation effect for the period under review amounted to CHF 59.2 million. Despite improved operating results the item is reported lower than the comparable period in 2012 as revaluation gains were lower.

In the period under review, earnings from the rental of income-producing properties and from property management grew as did the project volume handled by the Projects & Development division. Total operating performance in the first half-year rose by 26.8% to CHF 612.4 million.

In a volatile market, Allreal’s share is considered defensive and stood its ground well. On the cut-off date the share closed at CHF 132.80, or 5.9% below the 2012 year-end price. When taking into consideration profit distribution of CHF 5.50 per share, overall performance for the first half of 2013 was –2%, confirming the stability of the share with low volatility and high earning power.

Allreal expects business development in the second half of 2013 to remain stable and operating results for the entire financial year above the level reported the previous year.

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